"The written word can take on different meanings in different contexts.  It is up to the skilled copywriter to create the desired image in the mind of the reader.  But it is the human voice with the precise tone, nuance, emphasis and texture, that teams up with the crafted word to take the emotion to a higher level".  -  JS

John Saras Voiceover provides that extra dimension you need to get your listener to the place you want them to be. 

“...This is a Testimonial. Double-click the text box and begin editing. Use the text editor to customize your text. It's that easy!”

- Customer Name

Commercial Demo

Nice work! Actually, your audition file was clean enough that we are able to use it for the actualtual 

       Adams, Hull and MacCluer, Inc.

The President, VP and Marketing Director loved it! Thanks, John!

      Waterblasting Technologies